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Today's Topics:
                 [COL] Georgia v. Penn State results
                        American Classic (PR)
                       book of skills (4 msgs)
                       California's men's team
                           Collegiate stuff
                          FREE color catalog
                      Insurance for gymnasts...
                          Insurance question
                      Ioana Ojog (ROM) (2 msgs)
                        One More College Score
                     Training camp in Col Springs
                            USA G catalog

This is a digest of the mailing list. 


Date: Sun, 16 Jan 1994 21:13:42 -0500 (EST)
From: ***
Subject: [COL] Georgia v. Penn State results

      Georgia defeated Penn State tonight in spite of numerous
injuries and falls.  The Lady Bulldogs fielded only five gymnasts
in three of the four events to win the meet 192.125 to 190.30.
      The meet began well enough for Georgia on bars.  The team
was able to compete six gymnasts and counted no falls to score a
48.525.  Moving to the vault, things began to go a little worse when
they had to count a fall from freshman Lisa Kurc.  The Lady Bulldogs
rebounded with their first perfect 10.0 from freshman Leah Brown,
giving the team a 48.55.
      On floor, Georgia watched Nneka Logan join Hope Spivey-Sheeley
in performing a double layout, earning her a 9.625.  Lori Strong
struggled through her routine, however, and Leah Brown fell twice.
Leah also fainted and had to be pulled from the beam line-up, where the
Dawgs had to count falls from both seniors: Hope and Kelly Macy.
Georgia's team scores for beam and floor were 47.55 and 47.425


Date: Tue, 18 Jan 1994 15:23:56 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: American Classic (PR)

from USA Gymnastics

Scheduled for March 25-26 in Orlando

The top women gymnasts in the United States will compete at the 1994
American Classic gymnastics competition, March 25-27, in Orlando,
Fla., at the University of Central Florida Arena. This competition
serves as the trials competition for the 1994 World Championships and
will re-rank the national team. The World Championships are scheduled
for April 19-24 in Brisbane, Australia.

Dominique Dawes, from Gaithersburg, Md., is currently ranked fourth in
the world from the 1993 World Championships and will also attempt to
earn a spot on the World Championships team. Other top competitors
expected to compete include 1992 Olympians Kerri Strug (Tucson,
Ariz.), and Michelle Campi (Fair Oaks, Calif.), as well as national
team members Amanda Borden (Cincinnati, Ohio), and Larissa Fontaine
(Deerfield, Ill.).

Three of the top local gymnasts who will vie for a position on the
World Championships team include Kellee Davis (American Twisters in
Pompano Beach, Fla.) and Jenni Beathard and Mohini Bhardwaj (Brown's
Gymnastics in Altamonte, Springs, Fla.). Davis is currently ranked
seventh on the national team followed by Beathard in eighth and
Bhardwaj in 10th.

The American Classic is a two-day compulsory and optional all-around

[stuff deleted]

For the general public, tickets may be purchased by contacting the
local host for this competition, Brown's Gymnastics, at (407) 869-8744
or by calling the UCF Arena at (407) 823-6006.


 Date      Event
March 24  Practice/Workout     $2 per session
March 25  Compulsory           Day Pass $15 adults/$11 children (3-12)
March 26  Optional/Finals      Day Pass $18 adults/$15 children (3-12)

# # #


Date: Tue, 18 Jan 1994 11:16:17 -0400 (EST)
From: <***>
Subject: book of skills

Hi!  I've been wondering if anyone knows of a book of gymnastics skills
for upper level kids.  My daughter has been checking the bookstores for
gymnastics books and if she does happen on to one, it's always very basic.
She's level 8 and she likes to see things written down or diagrams of
the skills.  Her coach had a book of the compulsary routines which I copied
for her when she was at those levels.  Now that she is level 8, she would
love to see diagrams of the more difficult skills.  (and find out what they're
worth).  A video tape of optional skills would also be great.  She saw  a
Karolyi tape at the library, but she said it was all very basic.


Date: Tue, 18 Jan 1994 11:29:53 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: book of skills

Hey Lisa,

| Hi!  I've been wondering if anyone knows of a book of gymnastics skills
| for upper level kids.  My daughter has been checking the bookstores for

It is indeed hard to find literature on the upper level skills.  The
only thing I've seen that might help is the actual Code of Points.
It's not an educational text, so there isn't any instruction of how to
do the skill, per se. It has detailed diagrams of how to perform just
about anything, however.  It's really pretty descriptive.

The Code, btw, is really good for the "armchair gymnast"... it really
helps you recognize a lot of stuff.

The Code comes in a binder about 1" thick and is about $40 (each- Men,
Women, Rhythmic), I think.  I remember the day they arrived at the
National office, when I was interning this last summer. *Everyone*
dropped *everything* to assemble the binders because it being summer
of 1993, the Code was really late (kids were already competing under
the rules which their coaches hadn't seen).  Basically we had boxes of
binders and boxes of already hole-punched pages, and we formed small
assembly lines to put them together.  Hundreds and hundreds of
Codes...  (it was so tempting to just sneak one, but my conscience
wouldn't let me).



Date: Tue, 18 Jan 1994 13:24:59 -0400 (EST)
From: <***>
Subject: book of skills

> Date: Tue, 18 Jan 1994 11:29:53 -0600 (CST)
> From: <***>
> To: Gymnastics Mailing List <gymn@MIT.EDU>
> Subject: book of skills
> Hey Lisa,
> It is indeed hard to find literature on the upper level skills.  The
> only thing I've seen that might help is the actual Code of Points.
> It's not an educational text, so there isn't any instruction of how to
> do the skill, per se. It has detailed diagrams of how to perform just
> about anything, however.  It's really pretty descriptive.
> The Code, btw, is really good for the "armchair gymnast"... it really
> helps you recognize a lot of stuff.
> The Code comes in a binder about 1" thick and is about $40 (each- Men,

Unfortunately $40.00 is way over what I can afford!  We have a meet in
Lexington, KY this weekend and we'll have to overnight it.  The travel
is fun but expensive.  We were in Louisville last weekend.  (it was worth
it though, she took second in the all-around).

Thanks for your suggestion, one of these bright days I'll have to get
my hands on one. 

By the way, the meet this weekend is called the Kentucky Classic.  I have
heard that it is a fairly big one in the midwest.  I will report back  
if I see Amanda Borden or the Licheys (sp?) there. 



Date: Tue, 18 Jan 1994 15:07:33 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: book of skills

Lisa, re Code of Points:

| Unfortunately $40.00 is way over what I can afford!  We have a meet in

You ain't a'kidding!  (Never said that I owned one... <grin>)
Unfortunately, most things in gymnastics tend to run quite
expensively... such as traveling, as you pointed out.

Congrats to Jessamyn for placing second and good luck at the KY Classic!



Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 22:47:36 PST
From: ***@Eng.Sun.COM
Subject: California's men's team

Just got off of the phone with the assistant coach for the Cal's men's
team, Scott Green.  Cal, aka the University of California, looks to have
a promising year.  Last year, Cal beat Stanford a number of times in
the regular season, Stanford going on of course to win the National
title.  This gives you an idea of the caliber of men's gymnastics at Cal.

Last year UC lost a number of Seniors, but looks to be in good shape
with a strong freshman class.  I will give you a profile of both the
men's and women's teams, complete with the gymnastics history of the
teammates as soon as the media guide is available (Coach Green says it
should be out in a week or so.)

Last week the men's team competed in the Spartan open at San Jose State,
placing third out of I believe 6 or 7 teams.  Scott felt that the team's
performance was promising and as the season progresses it will improve,
as the Freshman grow more accustomed to the pressure of intercollegiate

Next up on the Men's schedule is San Jose State this coming weekend.
Following that are the Winter Nationals in Colorado Springs (wink wink
it would be nice if someone on gymn could drop in and check these out.)
Valentine's day weekend the team will compete against Santa Barbara at

And, Bay Area gymnastics fans, mark your calendars.  February 25th Harmon
Gym  on the UC campus will be hosting an ultra treat:  California will
be competing against Stanford, UCLA, Michigan and San Jose State!

"That's going to be a phenomenal meet.  Some potential Olympians and
certainly some Senior National team members.  Definitely the top talent
in the country will be at the meet.  That certainly will be a treat for
everyone that loves gymnastics and we're going to be doing a lot of
publicity.  The goal is to get a couple thousand people in that gymn
and get it rocking a little bit.  They did it in the old days.

"Men's gymnastics at the collegiate level at this point is really day
to day.  It's a dying sport and if people come out in numbers in support
of it, that is what will keep it around.  It's not going to be kept around
by big TV contracts and Nike contracts in the fashion that football and
basketball will always be kept alive.  It's really about how many people
come and see us and if we have a good product, and word of mouth.  No
matter what happens to men's gymnastics, if we establish ourselves as a
good, young team that people come out to watch, then that bodes well
for us, I think."

So, if you happen to be in the Bay Area and you like top notch gymnastics
(and I know you do) then by all means go check it out.

Yours in Gymnastics,

-George A.


Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 16:49:48 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: Collegiate stuff

First of all, I have schedules for the following teams (via email from
Gymn members or gopher):

George Washington U.
Oregon State U.
Penn State
Sacramento State
UNC-Chapel Hill
Univ. of Denver

Penn State

Second of all, every week I will be getting the latest rankings for
the collegiate scene.  Instead of posting these large files to Gymn, I
will directly email them to those who want it. I will be sending the
rankings out within 12 hours of when they're compiled.

Once a month or so, I will be sending updates to Gymn on probably the
top ten in each category, so that everyone on the list can be
informed, if they want to be.

If you want to receive the rankings via email, please email me
directly and let me know.  Specify if you want the men's rankings or
the women's (or both).



Date: Tue, 18 Jan 1994 09:58:42 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: FREE color catalog

USA Gymnastics has a free color catalog of their mechandise this year.
About 10 pages, full color.  And yes folks, you can order it by email!
(heh heh) Just send a note to similar to "Please send
me your free color catalog; my address is: <insert snail-mail

Of course, a lot of USA G merchandise is kinda pricey, so who knows if
you'll actually *buy* something from the catalog.  Still, it's prob'ly
worth looking at.



Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 15:08:59 PST
From: <***>
Subject: Insurance for gymnasts...

Well, we could be talking about two differnt things here.

First is generic medical type insurance to cover the cost of fixing any
injuries tha might occur during workouts and competitions.  Aside from any
individual medical coverage, USGF members (and gyms associated with USGF)
have additional insurance, and the same is probably true for most university
programs.  Note, however, that many medical policies have a "maximum
lifetime coverage" of something like $1million, and in the case of a truly
catastophic injury (broken neck leading to permanant paralysis), the athlete
may have no choice other than to sue in an attempt to collect from the
liability insurance (or whatever); just to cover medical expenses.  This
happened at Stanford a number of years ago.  I don't think the coach
resented Stanford being sued one bit...

The second possibility is that an athlete expects to make a long-term career
out of their sport, and case a car accident (or a pyshco) removes their
ability to compete, they'de like to get reimbursed for at least part of what
they expected their earnings to be.  In this case, I'd think that injuries
that occurred durring the sport itself would be exempt from payment by such
insurance.  A musician might insure their hands, etc.

Frankly, I don't think that "professional gymnastics" has reached a level
where you could convince an insurance company to insure you in this manner.
While tennis players, golfers, football players, and even skaters can expect
to have a relatively lengthy and lucrative career, a gymnast's carreer is
both short and low-paying.  The endorsements career might be a little longer
(till the next media darling comes along), but you don't really need to be
healthy to do endorsements.  Convincing an insurance company that you were
GOING to be the media darling of the next olympics would be a neat trick...



Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 14:18:57 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: Insurance question

First of all, let me throw in real quick that I have uploaded to the
ftp site, in the Publications directory, the index to articles from
USA Gymnastics and Technique for their 1993 volumes.  If you've been
wondering what kind of stuff is in those mags, you can take a look at
them by gophering or ftping to  I'll leave them there
for a couple weeks and then take them down.  Now, the real meat of the

Intrigued by the insurance question, I emailed an acquaintance at USGF
who handles their insurance plan.  Here is what he had to say:

[my note]
An interesting question was posed to me the other day. If the
Kerrigan/Harding case were to happen in gymnastics (heaven forbid),
would the insurance cover Kerrigan?

[Jan's reply]
Yes, USA Gymnastics insurance would cover any athlete taking part in a
USA Gymnastics Sanctioned Event - which the national championships
always is.  Our insurance, of course, is secondary to any other "valid
and collectible insurance".  Meaning if the person has their own
insurance, it would pay to its limits first, then remaining bills -
including any satisfied deductibles - would be submitted to OUR
insurance company.

Of course we like to think the Nancy Kerrigan incident can't happen
because we have Lou McClary as our security chief/advisor, and he runs
a very tight ship (knock on wood!).



Date: Tue, 18 Jan 1994 17:07:53 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: Ioana Ojog (ROM)

For those of you who were subscribers of IG back in 1989, or those who
follow collegiate:

You may remember an _IG_ profile of a Romanian gym that listed many
upcoming stars, all about 10 or 11 years old.  (The pictures in that
article were really grainy, remember?)  One of those little gems was
Ioana Ojog, an 11 year old who was dismounting bars with a full-in
full-out, doing that skill on floor, and also a four part tumbling
series on beam.

Well, apparently she's been recruited for the '95 season by Sacramento
State!  _The Gymnastics Insider_ reported that she came over to Oregon
with her teammates to train in winter 1991, to avoid the Romanian
winter, and then stayed on with a foster family after her teammates
and coaches left.  I don't know for certain if it's the same Ioana,
but it appears to be.  I wonder if she can still do those tricks...!

Btw, there is an article in _TGI_ that is co-authored by Gymn's own
Raul Arocho and Ron Dupont, Jr.!  It's about the new rules in women's

I now also have the Temple schedules, for men and women.



Date: Tue, 18 Jan 94 17:39:33 CST
From: ***
Subject: Ioana Ojog (ROM)

> Subject: Ioana Ojog (ROM)

> Well, apparently she's been recruited for the '95 season by Sacramento
> State!

!!!!!! Wow, if that's who that is (don't have that issue of IG),
that's quite the recruiting coups for Sac State. They aren't a
Division I school, are they? At least in gymnastics?
> Rachele


Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 18:48:58 EST
From: ***
Subject: One More College Score

This just in: LSU scored right at about 190.00 in women's collegiate
gymnastics. That means in the SEC, here's how the teams shape up,
1. Alabama 194
2. Georgia 192
3. LSU 190
4. Florida 189
5. Auburn 188
6. Kentucky 175


Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 14:06:15 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: Training camp in Col Springs

| Again??  I know she went to Brown's before Nunno's and was pretty unhappy
| there. While at Nunno's she stayed with a friend of mine <boarded> She is

Well, I don't really know for sure she is at Brown's, but I'm fairly
positive she is.  (An easy way to find out would be to call Brown's,
wouldn't it?... anyone who lives in Orlando care to do this for us?)

The story that I had heard (from her mother) as to why she left
Gault's (her last Arizona gym, which she attended for several years, I
believe) was that Gault was the coach of the Arizona team, and so was
out of town too much.  With the worlds coming up in April, I can't
imagine that she'd go back to a 4-day-a-week coach...

Well, this'll resolve itself at some point, no doubt.  =)



Date: Tue, 18 Jan 94 12:39:07 PST
From: ***
Subject: USA G catalog


what a quick response.  They already replied that they were sending it this



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