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                         Hardinggate (3 msgs)
                        insurance for gymnasts
                         Other College Scores
                   review of USA Gymnastics Online!
                Training camp in Col Springs (4 msgs)
                             UF-NC State

This is a digest of the mailing list. 

Date: Sun, 16 Jan 1994 21:32:23 -0700 (MST)
From: ***
Subject: faq

Over the holidays, we managed to do a LITTLE bit of work on the FAQ
(frequently asked questions).  So far, we have put together a
'glossary' of common terms/moves for men's and women's events.  This
type of info would really come in handy when watching a competition on
TV (or reporting on one for GYMN :) Unfortunately, we are lacking
definitions for this glossary!  Therefore, we are requesting your help
to provide any definitions you can (or additional terms we left out).
What's in it for you, you ask?  Well, every member of gymn who
contributes to this project will receive, compliments of GYMN:

1)  An all-expense paid trip to Atlanta for the '96 Olympics Gymnastics
    events (these are front row seats, mind you. You'll be sitting right
    next to John Tesh who will be calling the action.)
2)  Dinner, followed by a Broadway musical with any gymnast (present or
    retired) of your choice. Yes, guys, Svetlana Boginskaya can be yours!
3)  An exciting visit to Bela Karolyi's ranch.  This INCLUDES free unlimited
    camel rides.
4)  Your name immortalized in the FAQ as a contributor.

Well, I'm still working on 1-3.  Hopefully #4 will be enough
motivation.  Anyway, the list we have so far is somewhat sloppy and
not really formatted well.  Without further delay, here is the current
list of terms.



Aerial (front, back, side)
Double stag
Handspring (flip flop, flic flac, all the same)
Layout (also called "stretched" or "straight")
Pike (open/closed)
Planche (normal/reverse)
Ring leap
Round off
Sheep jump
Tuck (open/closed)
Walkover (front, back)
Yang bo
May (full, front)
Omelianchik - RO onto board, half turn, handspring tucked front
Postflight handspring
Bars (both uneven and high, some terms specific to uneven):
Blind change
Change of direction
Eagles (layout front from inverts)
"facing in/out"
Gaylord II
Giant (front, back, inverted, one-arm)
Grip (over-, under-, mixed, eagle, cross, wrong way)
Higgins roll
Kolman (Kovacs-full)
Pak salto
Pegan (Gaylord I barani-out)
Pineda (Gaylord II with 1/2 twist)
Release move
Stalder/Endo (normal, in-bar)
Support (front/back)
Tkatchev (regular, wrong-way, Hindoorf, Markelov, Shushunova)
Transition move
Winkler (full-twisting layout front)
Xiao Ruzhi ("counter Kim")
Balance Beam:
Acrobatic series
Cradle - back dive, land on hands and pike to rest on back of neck
Dance series (?)
Garrison roll
Gymnastics series
Jump (sheep, fish)
Floor (both men and women):
Dive roll
Double back
Double front
Double-double (double full-in, double full-out, full-in full-out)
Full-twisting double (full-in, full-out, half-in half-out)
Punch front
Roll (chest roll, roll-out)
Scale (Y, front)
Stag jump
Thomas salto
Tinsica Marinich (hands-to-hands and roll-out)
Tumbling pass
Pommel Horse :
Magyar travel
Russian Moore
Sivado travel
Tong Fei
Back roll
Iron cross (regular, inverted, Olympic, L)
Shoot (like uprise?)
Uprise (front/back)
Parallel Bars:
Back toss
Healy twirl
"under the bars"
Uprise (front/back)


Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 12:22:31 GMT
From: ***
Subject: faq

>1)  An all-expense paid trip to Atlanta for the '96 Olympics
>    events (these are front row seats, mind you. You'll be
sitting right
>    next to John Tesh who will be calling the action.)

Who ?

>2)  Dinner, followed by a Broadway musical with any gymnast
(present or
>    retired) of your choice. Yes, guys, Svetlana Boginskaya can
be yours!

Broadway is in New York isn`t it.

>3)  An exciting visit to Bela Karolyi's ranch.  This INCLUDES
free unlimited
>    camel rides.

What the place with the llamas (llama man, llama man does
anything a llama can)

>4)  Your name immortalized in the FAQ as a contributor.

Call me mister cynical disbeliever but methinks ye jests over
numbers 1 to 3.



Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 10:16:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: ***
Subject: Hardinggate

      Since a bunch of us seem to be following this closely, I just
thought I might share with you the comments from the interview I saw
on this morning's Today show with Tonya's lawyer (before the
earthquake hit, that is - are all of y'all out there okay?)
      Her lawyer claims that the "bodyguard" guy that got in trouble
was only in charge of providing security at the Portland Airport for
Tonya when she got back. The death threats she received in the past
were from that area, her hometown, thus the extra security. He said
the "personal bodyguard" label was a misnomer. I have NO idea whether
this is true or not, but it is what he said.
      60 Minutes last night aired a documentary film by a Yale
student about Tonya made in 1986. It's supposed to be very interesting
and talks candidly about her abusive relations with her mother. If
someone you know taped it, it sounded like a good watch. This is via
my mother - I missed it.
      P.S. I'll make some calls to Tucson today and see if I can get
a scoop on Kerri.


Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 08:37:48 PST
From: ***
Subject: Hardinggate

60 minutes:
   I watched this last night, and yes, it was quite candid about the
abusive family that Tonya grew up in.  It didn't say much at all about
her siblings, but it had a lot of quotes/comments/footage from Tonya's
mother.  It is actually very sad to listen to.  As Tonya's coach said
in the footage "Skating is Tonya's ticket out of the gutter"....a very
vivid quote.

btw, about the earthquake...I'm in Santa Cruz and didn't feel it.  I'm
just letting all of you know, for the benefit of those who often think
that LA and San Francisco are close together.  Or for that matter,
those of you who know I live in Santa Cruz, but don't know where that



Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 12:23:21 EST
From: <***@BBN.COM>
Subject: Hardinggate

I also watched the 60 Minutes coverage last night, and had two

1.  The footage of Tonya in 1986 is footage of a 15 year old
    girl, and doesn't really say anything about the current
    scandal.  Under other circumstances, 60 Minutes would
    have shown this film with a completely different
    young-girl-triumphs-over-adversity slant. 
    I did wonder about some of the adults,
    like her coach, who should have been more thoughtful
    about what they said on camera.  Her coach still
    has that problem:  Footage on CNN this morning showed
    her describing Tonya as a victim because now she'll
    never get endorsement money.  Not a very intelligent
    thing to say just now!  (Apparently, because Tonya's
    been strapped for money, her coach has been "carrying"
    her, and if Tonya doesn't make a lot of money, the
    coach has little prospect of getting paid.)

2.  I wondered how much money her friend of 8 years ago got
    for selling it to CBS.

I'm completely bummed out by this whole thing.



Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 12:11:37 GMT
From: ***
Subject: insurance for gymnasts

>When I was competing (thru 1986 fall) there was a USGF sponsored (I
>believe) insurance for something up to $100,000 for
catastrophic stuff, such as
>paralysis or death.

Is that all, who would be liable for damages then because I imagine
something as serious as this would lead to some form of litigation.

>I would imagine a gymnast such as Kim or Shannon, since they have
>agents and stuff, would also have extra insurance on their
bodies. In music, we
>have insurance for body damage as well as instrument and bow
insurance, so it
>wouldn't seem that strange to me for a top gymnast or skater to
have that type
>of coverage, especially if they were to plan on using their
skills as a source
>of income in the future (i.e. pro tours, exhibitions, pro

I imagine you are correct and you can bet it`s slightly more than

I have read although I cant comment on wether it`s true or not but
violinist Nigel Kennedy has his bow arm insured for 1 million pounds.

Also several top football players (thats soccer players for all you
American Footballites) have their feet insured for similar amounts.



Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 12:16:57 GMT
From: ***
Subject: Kerrigan/Harding

Well I think you will find in that particular instance , ie hired
bodyguard with a screw loose with iron bar attacks you, actually
getting the ice rink or the gymn in our case to accept liabilty would
be almost impossible.

If the injury was casued by negligence on the part of the gymn then
you could claim. Depending on wether the Gymn is insured but isn`t
that one of those don`t do things, like don`t use an unqualified
instructor you know the kind of thing.



Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 00:23:44 EST
From: ***
Subject: Other College Scores

To All:
   Here are some women's collegiate gymnastics scores (some are approximate
)from around the country:
   Georgia 192.125
   Penn State 190.30
   Florida 189.45
   NC State 173
   Utah State 182
   Washingon 185
   Alabama 194
   Auburn 188.125

Injury report:
**NC State's Christy Davis and Rosann Grabner both suffered minor leg and
knee injuries and should be back in 2-3 weeks.
**Georgia's Agina Simpkins, Courtney Snyder, Lori Strong and Lisa Kurc are
all nursing minor to intermediate injuries.
**Alabama's Kim Kelly bruised her ribs falling on beam, and according to a
report on Prodigy, Alabama's Kara Stilp was hurt badly when she landed a
double-pike to her knees on floor.


Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 01:19:36 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: review of USA Gymnastics Online!

Hello Gymn,

As many of you know, USA Gymnastics is connected through Delphi
(***  They recently opened their own custom area on
Delphi; following is my review of it.

On January 10, 1994, the USGF announced the creation of "USA
Gymnastics Online!", a customized electronic service for gymnastics.
This service has the potential to be a great resource for the
gymnastics community.  To use this service, one must be a Delphi
member (1-800-695-4005; $10 for 4 hours/month, $20 for 20 h/m).
Personally, I feel that Delphi is a clumsy service in comparison to
others I've used; however, it is certainly tolerable, and probably
worth it if you think you'd use USA G's service a lot. I wouldn't use
it as my primary email source, however (many of you have heard me
voice my frustrations on their email service before).

The USA Gymnastics' Online! main menu is as follows:

      Business Office
      Communications Center
      Message Center (Forum)
      News and Information

[Business office]
This section is basically a link to other existing Delphi areas.  Sort
of a customer service area. Find a local access number, look at your
bill, etc.

[Communications Center]
Delphi's FAX service, email, and a link to Delphi's "Workspace" (which
is where you manage your files) are all in this section.

Again, this is just a link to an existing Delphi area.  Interestingly,
typing "who" gives you a list of all Delphi conferences at that
time...  When I was on the system and typed "who", the second group to
pop up on my screen was, shall we say, not a PG-rated group, that's
for sure.  Unfortunately, USA Gymnastics has no control over that (I
don't think).

This will be one of the best parts of the system: the submenu consists
of Articles, Research Data, Software, Technique Magazine Online, and
USA Gymnastics Magazine Online.  As of right now they only have a
handful of articles under Technique, but this part should be really
nice.  I wonder if they are going to upload only new issues of
_Technique_ and _USA Gymnastics_, or if they are going to go back a
few years too?

This is their forum.  Has a definite BBS feel to it, to me at least.
No one has posted anything yet (aside from four small msgs from USA
Gymnastics, really just test msgs), so it will be interesting to see
how this develops.  I wonder if it will be used more by USA G athletes
or coaches/judges/etc... that'll make a big difference in the flavor
of their forum.

[News & Information]
Submenu includes: Marketing and Media, Membership Information, Men's
Gymnastics, Merchandise Mart, News of USA Gymnastics Events, Rhythmic
Gymnastics, Safety & Education, UPI Newswire, Weather, What's New at
USA Gymnastics, and Women's Gymnastics.  This section will probably
contains lots of useful information, but it'll probably also contain
some propaganda that you'll have to wade through.  Ah well, that's
just how it is.  As of right now, they don't really have any files to
speak of in this section, so I can't really comment on it too well.

In general, the USA Gymnastics Online! service seems to be fairly
comprehensive. Probably the biggest problem with it is that you cannot
telnet to it from the Internet; you *have* to belong to Delphi to use
it.  The service is still "under construction" so it's not much to
speak of right now, but few services are anything worthwhile right off
the bat, so that's more than excusable.  They have lots of plans:
online Membership signup, electronic ordering of items from their
merchandise dept, GIF movies in the "Research Data" library.  It
should develop into a very respectable service.

I wasn't too crazy about the organization of the system.  I thought
that conferencing, the forum, and mail should all fit under the same
menu.  That's not Delphi philosophy, however. Also, it was unintuitive
which choices were files and which were directories; more than once I
chose something expecting a directory, but nooo, a magamby-huge file
scrolled by me, taking forever.

Here's what tickled my fancy: you can subscribe to their publications
by email, if you don't mind sending your charge card number in an
email msg. Essentially, you can just retrieve one of the cards that
Gymn maintains (_USA Gymnastics_ or _Technique_), fill it out
electronically, and then email it to them. Cool beans, man.



Date: Sun, 16 Jan 1994 22:46:15 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: Training camp in Col Springs

Andy, thanks for the Col Springs report!

| her leaving Nunno's I suppose.  Dominique Dawes was at the last camp, but
| not this one.  Amanda Borden and Larissa Fontaine were both here.

Dawes was at the Maryland Classic, winning 1st AA (info via the
Toby-o-rama).  Other Parkettes results are 3rd AA Martha Grubbs, and
in the Junior division, 1st AA Kristen Maloney, 2nd AA Becky Meldrum,
4th AA Kristen Jensen.

| beam they were also doing compulsories.   Are the next Worlds going to
| have a team competition?

The April worlds are just competition II and III (AA and Events).
However, the October worlds, in Germany, are just competition I
(team), and at this they will be competing compulsories.

      re Kerri:
| interesting to see her practice--you know how she says she's much better
| in practice than in competition.  It's really true.  She was extremely

I second that vote.  The first time I saw her was in practice (it was
her first day at Karolyi's, as a matter of fact), and I thought "wow"!
She tumbled so high and light that it was amazing.



Date: Sun, 16 Jan 1994 22:35:43 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: Training camp in Col Springs

Rumor has it that Kerri left Nunnos and is training with her old coaches
back in Tucson,AZ. Like I said it just a rumor but probably pretty
reliable.  I guess I'll introduce myself here. I am the mother of a
retired gymnast(at the ripe old age of 11). She was fighting too many
injuries.  We have trained both at Desert Devils in Arizona  and Steve
Nunnos in  OKC. She was training with Shannon Miller< when Shannon was
preparing for the Olympics.>  Anyway just thought I'd say HI


Date: Sun, 16 Jan 1994 23:52:37 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: Training camp in Col Springs


Welcome to Gymn!

| Rumor has it that Kerri left Nunnos and is training with her old coaches
| back in Tucson,AZ. Like I said it just a rumor but probably pretty

The rumor I've heard is that Strug is at Brown's, in Florida...
(although I didn't think it was a rumor when I heard it).

Will see if I can find out more concrete info.



Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 10:40:09 -0600 (CST)
From: <***>
Subject: Training camp in Col Springs

> Lynda,
> Welcome to Gymn!
> | Rumor has it that Kerri left Nunnos and is training with her old coaches
> | back in Tucson,AZ. Like I said it just a rumor but probably pretty
> The rumor I've heard is that Strug is at Brown's, in Florida...
> (although I didn't think it was a rumor when I heard it).
> Will see if I can find out more concrete info.
> Rachele

Again??  I know she went to Brown's before Nunno's and was pretty
unhappy there. While at Nunno's she stayed with a friend of mine
<boarded> She is a tremendous gymnast with more raw talent then ANYONE
I've ever seen. It seems it is her head that holds her back. BTW she
is a very sweet and unassuming kid with a gentle and uncocky attitude,
I pray she can pull it all together. I have followed her since she was
in AZ and she is an amazing gymnast


Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 00:23:10 EST
From: ***
Subject: UF-NC State

   The head coaches of the University of Florida and North Carolina
State came into their Jan. 15 clash in Gainesville saying they wanted
the meet to be a learning experience, a chance to learn their
weaknesses and strengths. And that's just what they got.
   The Wolfpack escaped what could have been two serious injuries to a
depth-less team, and both the Gators and N.C. State suffered numerous
falls as gymnasts tried to throw routines under the new Code of
Points. The Gators won, 189.45 to 173.375, as N.C. State had to count
a zero on floor after two performers (Christy Davis and Rosann
Grabner) were injured throwing their first tumbling pass. Davis threw
a double-pike and Grabner threw a full-in; both should be okay in two
or three weeks, their coach said.
   For a university that offers only 5 gymnastics scholarships (most
offer 10), N.C. State had much difficulty, featuring 2 full-ins and
numerous double-backs and double-pikes on floor, vaults valued at 9.9
and 10.00, three-connection series on beam and D-rated release moves
in every bars routine. The team had 11 falls, but Wolfpack Head Coach
Mark Stevenson said he expected such falls so early in the season for
a team that's trying big tricks. His team also was missing Lisa
Donaldson, a big performer who was out sick.
   The Gators had at that meet perhaps the most difficulty they've
ever had in the school's history, and they were even holding back
difficulty, as is Head Coach Judi Avener's strategy. (For example, all
but one floor routine ended with a simple full.) She likes to start
slowly and allow the team to add the bigger tricks as the season goes
on. The Gators struggled on vault, where the gymnasts were landing on
a hard surface for the first time this season (they land on soft mats
in practice). That apparently threw them off, Avener said. The Gators
also has numerous falls on beam, and those falls mainly came when the
gymnasts attempted t he connections that the new rules require.
  In an unusual twist, the stars of the meet were both home-towners.
The Wolfpack's Christy Newton is from Jacksonville, Fla., and she had
a vocal fan club of 20 who drove 1 1/2 hours to Gainesville to cheer
for her. Newton, who qualified to nationals last season as an
individual, won the all-around with a 38.225 (counting a fall on
bars). The Gators' Chrissy Vogel, a freshman, is from Gainesville, and
her club gym (Brown's of Orlando) was competing in the area earlier
that day and showed up for the meet. Every time she took the floor,
squeals from all of her former teammates and cheers from the hometown
crowd filled the auditorium.


End of gymn Digest