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                      Hey did anyone catch this?
                            Retton Awards
                           Tatiana Tugikova

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Date: Mon, 11 Jul 94 23:30:25 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Boginskaya

Yes, Svetlana *was* training double layouts in 1990. I even have tape to
prove it!! They were pretty high and, of course this being Bogue and all,
remarkably clean. She was being spotted but still . . . I also heard about
the double double in her junior days when she still had ankles (not that
their lack stopped Groshie).

The fabulous Miss B. can currently be seen vamping it up in the new Christen
Moreau catalog with the erstwhile Valentin Mogilny (yes he still has *really*
bad hair!). She's also "touring" the east coast of the US stopping at very
poo-dunk little gym she can find and sharing her glory.  In the immortal
words of Amy . . . "Go Svetlana!"



Date: Tue, 12 Jul 94 13:13:41 BST
From: ***
Subject: Compulsories

Rachele said:
>The FIG should study FIFA, the international governing body for

Governing body for Football, not soccer.:)

>They seem to be pretty strict on accurate refereeing.  Some
>referees in the World Cup have been "dismissed" for
incorrect calls --
>actually sent home and replacements found for later games.

Damn right too some of those decisions were appalling,
I would say the equivalent for a judge in gymnastics
would be to refuse to mark a routine. I dont see the same
thing going on in gymnastics but I agree there should be
at least some mechanism for removing judges who werent up
to scratch but you dont want to create a culture of if
you dont mark something correctly your out of here, that
is the problem with the refs at the moment, they are under
so much pressure to get it right that they are making
mistakes. You need to do it such that there isnt pressure
to do certain things but you want to make sure that if they
dont keep to a standard of marking then they will asked to

Of course the whole problem with the refs are they arent
professional refs, they all have normal day jobs to go to.
Now I dont know whether the same is true of gymnastic
judges, but to effectively be a judge or a ref you need them
to do that job full time, be sent on courses etc etc etc.

>Of course, gymnastics is a subjective sport -- it is
impossible to
>expect completely objective scoring with the sport as
it exists now.

As it stands now yes I agree, but does that mean we
should accept
it as it stands.



Date: Tue, 12 Jul 94 00:54:30 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Hey did anyone catch this?

The following is from a message I got from Adriana about the PR cup. I asked
who Tatiana Tugikova was and what she did. I found her reply *very*
interesting and thought I'd share it with you all. For the record I thought
the 6th Sov in Rotterdam was Turigova.

"Are you sure you don't know who she is?    Can you name all the members of
their '87 team?  Maybe once you try to do that you'll remember her.  She's
the "mystery Soviet" no one had ever heard of before Rotterdam and who was
never heard from again.  A graceful little blond thing wearing a bun, with a
sweet little FX routine that looked, in part, kind of like a ballet class.
She was the first female gymnast to do a full-twisting double layout (she was
up first, and when she did *that*, everyone looked at each other and went "If
that's the *first* girl up, what are the rest of them going to do?!").
 Actually, it looks to me like a full-out (at *least* a 1/2 in-1/2 out), but
she's credited with a full-in while Chusovitina gets the full-out.  I guess
she looked a little like Baitova, built like her.  She really wasn't that
great, all things considered, but to do a full twisting double layout, which
to my knowledge no one else did for another four years (not at anything
major, I mean; I haven't seen everything that happened between '87 and '91),
even though she did pike rather a lot looking back at it now (end
interjections), was pretty darned impressive.  And I just like her
choreography and the fact that she looked interested in what she was doing
out there.

I reviewed her routines on my tape [from '87 she means]:

V: layout Y-full, not very good form (but it *was* still '87).

UB: straddle over low, kip, cast, giant full, swing 1-1/2 twist, flyaway to
low, kip, straddle Shaposhnikova, shoot 1/2 to low, straddle jam, kip, cast,
free hip, giant, double flyaway.  Clean, kind of original, but not great

BB: ro ff on; ff, 2 feet ff, layout; Korbut, back extension, back extension;
handstand to come down with a 1/2 turn to straddle the beam (kinda
different); swing to handstand 1/2 pirouette; ro ff double pike.  Not great
form on her ff ff layout, plus she fell.  She was slow, looked apprehensive.

FX: layout full-out, whip to double back, easy double back.  Pretty routine.
 "Pretty" is really the apt term, I'd say."



Date: Tue, 12 Jul 94 05:06:24 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Retton Awards

>From USA Today . . .

   Tiny Tara Lipinski added to her Olympic Festival windfall
Sunday. A week after becoming the youngest gold medalist in
Festival history, the 12-year-old figure skater accepted the first
of two Mary Lou Retton Awards for up-and-coming athletes. The
men's recipient: Diver Mark Ruiz, who posted two 10s on a dramatic
final dive to claim the Festival bronze on the platform Wednesday.

posted by Susan


Date: Tue, 12 Jul 94 08:21:49 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Tatiana Tugikova

Oh geez I'm the biggest dork alive (gee I'm sure you're all shocked to hear
that eh?). Anway, for some odd reason I had misplaced my brain earlier.
Adriana sent me a message about Tatiana Tugikova having ***NOTHING
WHAT-SO-EVER*** to do with the PR Cup. I am so lost; forgive me. I'm going
off to get more sleep now. You can visit me in the home for imbeciles at 2 to
3 PM every second Thursday of the month. Excepting those months that end in
"y" and then it's the third Thursday from 4 -6 PM.  Yes I'm admiting I was
incorrect about something. Is that hell freezing over?



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