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                  Americas Worlds Qualifier (2 msgs)
                      Bagiu profiled at USOF '94
                            College Update
                   Cornell hires Beckwith (2 msgs)
                        Dominique Dawes & NCAA
                            Dynamo address
                 How NCAA Classes Are Ranked (3 msgs)
             Kerri's college choice, Snapple commercials
                      letter from Michelle Campi
                        New Jersey State Games
                 No-Comp Rule Effect on NCAA (4 msgs)
                            Rooms for NCAA
                     Univ. of Minnesota (2 msgs)
                       USOF '94: Women's roster
                 What's happening with.....? (2 msgs)

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Date: Thu, 07 Jul 94 08:16:51 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Americas Worlds Qualifier

I'll have the scores tomorrow.

This was a meet between Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, and Puerto Rico to
determine which four would earn a trip to the Dortmund Team Worlds in
November.  The US already has its spot.

I missed the first two rotations b/c the meet started at 5:00 and I was at
work.  But I still saw most of it b/c it was five teams and only three events
were going at one time, so there were a lot of byes.  These are just
impressions, though, b/c I wasn't there in "report" mode.

Well, Cuba put to rest any and all doubts about the state of its men's team
with an easy 20-point victory over Canada.  This despite a high bar
performance out of their worst nightmares (all but one fell, and of the ones
who fell, 3 or 4 fell more than once).  It's not the Cuba from the mid-80's,
but I'd say it's holding steady from '91, when they placed 15th (or
thereabouts; it wasn't lower than 15, anyway).  Erick Lopez and Damian Merino
looked like the top two (I do know Damian won compulsories).  Vault was
easily their best event, with several Kasamatsu-fulls and a layout Cuervo.

Canada I didn't see much of, but they seemed ok.  Reasonably clean  (they
didn't look too good on floor, though, which I did see.  Lots of errors,
especially on front tumbling).  The talk was that this was a B team, but one
of the PR girls told me that three of them went to Brisbane.  Alan Nolet
wasn't there, though.

10 points behind Canada was Puerto Rico.  Same as I've mentioned before -- 3
reasonably good guys and 3 or 4 more who do ok on an event or two.  Lots of
misses, though, from everyone.  Highlights were Hector Tanco's floor (arabian
double, double layout, double back), Victor Colon's Kasamatsu-full, and Alex
Suarez's Def on HB -- gorgeous! (Unfortunately he fell on his Gaylord II.)

Argentina was a surprise.  No one knew they even had a full men's team.  They
weren't that great (some really scary vaults), but they got through and
finished fourth, so they'll be at Worlds.  Didn't see much of them, either
(besides watching other teams, I was socializing a lot, plus they and Canada
and Mexico all had red jerseys, so it was hard to tell who was who
sometimes), but Isidro Ibarrondo, who went (goes?) to UCLA and made Barcelona
when Cuba didn't go, seemed to be their best.

Mexico was the biggest surprise of all.  6 months ago they were second at the
Central American and Caribbean Games; today they were a distant 5th (which is
still 3rd among the Central American and Caribbean countries, but no one ever
imagined they'd lose to Argentina, and by something like 10 or 15 points,
too).  Seems they've lost the top guys to retirement (Alejandro Peniche, Luis
Lopez, also Andres Sanchez [I don't know for a fact that Andres retired, but
he wasn't here]).

Overall, the meet was rather lousy.  I don't think anyone broke a 9.0 average
as a team, though it's possible Cuba might have had it not been for the HB
debacle.  In compulsories, only two gymnasts averaged 9.0 (Damian and
Sinayski Nunez).

In other gossip, I hear Luisa Portocarrero has retired.  Apparently her
ankles and a knee were really bothering her, and she'd also gained some
weight (a fact maybe not unrelated to the sore ankles and knee, in both
directions).  The last time I spoke with her was at Barcelona, and at the
time she talked about collegiate gymnastics, so I don't know if anything will
come of that now (she's still only about 17, so she could probably still do
it if she wanted, after a rest).

...and Angel Franco, a top Cuban judge (member of the FIG men's technical
committee and technical director of the Pan American Gymnastics
Confederation), has decided Miami suits him rather better than Havana (which
really comes as no surprise to those who know him -- it's more like a wonder
it took him so long).

So there it is folks -- at Dortmund, the Americas will be represented by the
United States, Cuba, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Argentina.

: )


Date: Thu, 7 Jul 1994 10:01:23 -0400 (edt)
From: <***>
Subject: Americas Worlds Qualifier

> ...and Angel Franco, a top Cuban judge (member of the FIG men's technical
> committee and technical director of the Pan American Gymnastics
> Confederation), has decided Miami suits him rather better than Havana (which
> really comes as no surprise to those who know him -- it's more like a wonder
> it took him so long).
> : )
> Adriana
      My understanding is that the members of the FIG Men's Technical
Committee are:

Karl-Heinz Zschoche - Germany (President)
Sawao Kato          - Japan   (Vice President)
Adrian Stoica       - Romainia
Julio Marcos        - Spain
Li Ning             - China
William Roetzheim   - USA
Hardy Fink          - Canada

      While Franco is on the PanAm committee, I don't think is he is on
the FIG Men's Technical Comm.  He might however be the Cuban representative
to the FIG General Assembly.

Ken Achiron


Date: Wed, 6 Jul 1994 16:49:20 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: Bagiu profiled at USOF '94

The AP ran a story about Mihai and his wife Kris... here are some
tidbits and excerpts:

-Mihai trains 6 hrs a day, 6 days a week.

-His wife Kris is a former gymnast.  They met at the gym that her
mother runs in Los Angeles.  AP says that Mihai "finally talked her
into dating him, and the two married in September 1992."

-Mihai is from Romania, and he was picked by coaches from a playground
to train for gymnastics (wow, never heard that line efore).

-Bagiu moved to the States with his family when he was 8.

-Mihai, re Ed Burch, his coach at Gold Cup: "He knows how to train his
guys for the right meets, keep them in shape all-year round to be
ready for those meets. He pushes you pretty hard, and basically that's
what I need to get me going."

-Mihai is the highest-ranked gymnast going into the Festival.

-He wants to peak in 1996.


And for those Gymners who care, a track and field note -- Leroy
Burrell (USA) just broke the world record in the 100m at an IAAF Grand
Prix meet in Lausanne, Switzerland.  The former world record: 9.86
seconds.  The new record that Burrell just set: 9.85 seconds.

(At least track and field will probably never use their third decimal
place.  But then again, what sport would be crazy enough to do that?)



Date: Wed, 06 Jul 94 19:30:46 EDT
From: ***
Subject: College Update

>    But the real Utes came through at the end, and I think that this
trial-by-fire will carry over into next season. Combine that with the best
coach in the NCAA, and you have a team that should be strong >again.

I just hope Greg Marsden practices Courtesy this year.



Date: Thu, 7 Jul 1994 09:15:08 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: Cornell hires Beckwith

Cornell has annouced the hiring of Head Coach Paul Beckwith for its
women's gymnastics team.

Beckwith is the former men's head coach at Radford.


Also, there is a huge stink in Houston because the Rockets (whoo-hoo!)
manager (or was it the owner?  sorry!) fired "Booster", our mascot.
Booster is really Jerry Burrell, who is a former All-America NCAA
gymnast from Arizona State.  Booster is incredibly popular (1,600
calls of protest) and there is talk that the Astros, who have been
tried to get Burrell before, will hire him.

No reasons were given for the firing.  It was part of a
"housecleaning" effort, though -- about 10-15 other people in the
"front office" were fired by Rockets management.

I don't know any other names, but the Arizona State men's program (a
trumpet joins in playing "Taps") has graduated a lot of gymnasts who
went on to play mascots for professional sports team.  Burrell was
popular for using a tramp to slam-dunk, doing lots of acrobatic skills
in that air time...



Date: Thu, 7 Jul 1994 13:47:47 +1000
From: <***>
Subject: Cornell hires Beckwith

>Cornell has annouced the hiring of Head Coach Paul Beckwith for its
>women's gymnastics team.
>Beckwith is the former men's head coach at Radford.

Rachele and everyone else:

does the above message mean that Radford has just dropped their program? 



Date: Wed, 06 Jul 94 23:46:19 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Dominique Dawes & NCAA

To All:
   To clarify a point, yes, Dominique Dawes has deferred her first year of
eligibility at Stanford. She'll be starting in the fall of1995 (that is, of
course, if she doesn't decide to skip yet another year to train for the
--- Ron


Date: Thu, 07 Jul 94 03:14:40 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Dynamo address

To all:
I was talking to Jamie Martini's Mom on *P and she informed me that Dynamo's
is no longer using the PO BOX address.  She said the best address to send
mail is to:
Dynamo Gymnastics
3901 N. Tulsa Ave
Oklahoma City, Ok  73112-2936


Date: Wed, 06 Jul 94 22:58:36 EDT
From: ***
Subject: How NCAA Classes Are Ranked

To All:
   First, a quick apology for the multiple posts from me of the same message.
I got a new computer, a new version of America Online and some bugs. I sent
those messages several days ago and they never appeared in the list. Computer
techs told me the messages never were sent and to resend them. Obviously,
though, they were sent the first time. They simply were in E-mail purgatory
somewhere, waiting for the tech Gods to approve them before they could ascend
to the mighty Gymn list.
    Okay, on to the purpose of this note: how are NCAA women's gymnastics
recruiting classes ranked.
    There is no official ranking service. The rankings are informal, and I
cull them from coaches meetings. Basically, you ask the coaches if they'd be
willing to trade their recruiting class for another school's.
    Some years, it's hard to rank the classes because there are 5-7 that are
similar. But this past year, there simply was no contest. In fact, Utah,
Florida and Georgia really had the only classes to speak of. After them, the
level of recruiting dropped off.
    Rachele had asked why Florida's recruiting class is ranked above Utah's
and Georgia's. Well, Florida got the nation's #1 recruit, plus two other
elites and a solid level 10 who was about to jump to elite.
    Georgia and Utah each signed two elites, all of whom have star power.
    But would Georgia and Utah trade their classes for what Florida has? You
bet. Marth Grubbs was the most sought-after recruit and Florida got her. But
then UF got two more very good elite gymnasts and a level 10 for good
   (Let me make a correction here. Grubbs was the most sought-after incoming
freshman. Dominique Dawes was actually the most sought-after recruit, but she
doesn't start school until two years from now.)
    Sometimes, though, schools couldn't get a Top 3 recruiting class, even if
they could get any gymnast they wanted. Why? Because sometimes, schools have
only one scholarship coming open, like UCLA did this year.
    UCLA signed a stellar recruit in Stella Umeh (or is it "Stellar"
Umeh...grin), but she's all they signed.
   Now lets look at this fall. Stanford will sign Dominique Dawes and,
likely, Larissa Fontaine. That likely will be the top recruiting class in the
country. Even if another school signed 4 elites, I don't think that would top
who Stanford will sign (not unless Dominique backs out -- something of which
I've heard rumors about).
    Who are the biggest names to watch for this fall?
   There are many. Kerri Strug, Kellee Davis (I think she's old enough),
Jenni Beathard, Kristin McDermott and Amanda Borden and a whole host of
elites right behind them.
   Also, watch for Canada's Luisa Portacorrero (spelling?) to be hotly
recruited. And I'm stilling waiting for somebody to recruit Luisa Parente (of
Brazil, I think). She has two years of eligibility left, can speak English,
throws college-style vaults and will be an instant 39-plus scoring gymnast in
   But, strangely, everyone has left her alone.
--- Ronald


Date: Wed, 06 Jul 94 23:20:17 EDT
From: ***
Subject: How NCAA Classes Are Ranked

Is dominique not attending Stanford in the fall of 1995?  Is she waiting for
the fall of 1996?  I'm just asking because Ron said that she won't be
starting for another 2 years.  Kerri Strug and Amanda Borden will be the
hottest recruits next year.  An insider that trains w/ amanda informed me
that she is looking heavily on Stanford as is Larissa Fontaine.  Amanda has
yet to decide whether to defer her first year or to just forget about
Atlanta.  Kerri Sturg is looking around right now but, is mainly focusing on
her elite gymnastics because she plans to try out for Atlanta.---Brian


Date: Wed, 06 Jul 94 23:41:54 EDT
From: ***
Subject: How NCAA Classes Are Ranked

>Is Dominique not attending Stanford in the fall of 1995?  Is she waiting for
the fall of 1996?  I'm just asking because Ron said that she won't be
starting for another 2 years.<

>From what I understand she is starting Standford the winter semester and
therefore will not *compete* until the '96 gym season. Of course Dom could
change her mind at any time but I think that's the way it stands right now.



Date: Thu, 07 Jul 1994 15:44:24 -0400 (EDT)
From: ***
Subject: Kerri's college choice, Snapple commercials

      I would think that if Kerri does decide to compete collegiate
gymnastics that Arizona would have the best shot of getting her, since she
trained under Coach Gault before going to Karolyi's, and it's home. It's
usually a top tem program - I was surprised they were down this year.
      Y'all mentioned how ASU trained several top basketball mascots, but no
one mentioned the Ssnapple commercial where the kid wants to be the Snapple
mascot so they send him to Don Robinson (longtime ASU coach, though never
mentioned by name in the commercial...) and have him trying to do mini-tramp
jumps with this huge pink fuzzy bottle suit on. Really cute.
      Oh, Pam Titus - quit knocking her, she was an amazing floor worker. A
good gymnast will learn whatever she has to in order to meke the routine
Code-friendly. She could've wiped up the floor with some of the kids on the
international scene today.
      I believe Worlds this year was Lyssenko's last competition.


Date: Thu, 7 Jul 1994 01:06:37 -0500 (CDT)
From: <***>
Subject: letter from Michelle Campi

Hey friends,

Michelle Campi recently posted a note to the USA Gymnastics forum on
Delphi.  I wrote her asking for permission to repost it here to Gymn,
and she said a-o-k.  Here it is:

Hello everyone. This is Michelle Campi. I just wanted to let you know
that I am no longer training at Pozsar's gymnastics. It is a long
story, it just didn't work out. Rick Newman, my coach, has accepted a
position to work along with Steve Nunno at Dynamo's Gymnastics. My mom
and I will be joining him there at the end of the summer. I hope to
resume my gymnastics career at Dynamos when my back is a little
stronger. My back, by the way, is doing great! I got my cast off June
21. I still have to wear it most of the time, but I am doing more and
more without it everyday.  My reason for writing this is that, since I
am no longer at Pozsar's I am not recieving my mail. If you do wish to
write me, you can write to Dynamo's, to the USA Gymnastics office, or
you can E-mail me here!  Well, thank you for all your support and Best
of luck!

Michelle Campi

If you would like to send fan email to Ms. Campi, address your message
to "" If you want to send real mail, send to:

Michelle Campi
c/o Dynamo Gymnastics
PO Box 270535
Oklahoma City, OK  73137

Have fun!



Date: Thu, 7 Jul 1994 13:33:46 +1000
From: <***>
Subject: New Jersey State Games

I don't know how many of you live in or near New Jersey, but a meet that
might be just plain fun to go to is the one connected with the New Jersey
State Games.  A couple of the men from Temple (Dave Frank & Sasha Raught -
did 5 release moves in the gym the other week) will be there, plus some
others.  I repeat these are for fun - guys at all levels will be competing.

Anyway the meet is on Saturday - July 9 at 1PM.  The instructions follow -
they are from Phila. so adapt as you find necessary.

To Faigley's School of Gymnastics
South Plainsfield NJ

NJ Tkp. North to Exit 10
Rt. 287 North to
Rt. 529 North - Dunellen Exit
Right at First Light  onto Hamilton Blvd.
1/4 Mile - Left onto South Clinton Ave.
1st Bldg. on Right - FAIGLEY'S school of Gymnastics

-- If people are interested I will get results and post them.

I will also be doing stats for the eastern qualifiers, mens, for Nationals.
 I would be happy to post those if there is an interest.  I will comment
that there will be some real talent at the one taking place at
International - Bill Roth will be involved just to get back into
competition.  Mike Racanelli is also going to be there.  He has been
training for about 3 months (seriously for AA).  His compos are going well,
and is expecting to get at least a 9.0 for each.  The optionals are coming
together a little more slowly - sore knee has held him back from the floor.
 Anyway, I think it is rather exciting to see him coming back - for those
of you who don't know this name - he was 1990 NCAA AA and FX champ and the
IBM/Nissen award winner (men's gymnastics equal to the Heisman trophy) plus
a host of other things. 

That will be all for now-



Date: Wed, 06 Jul 94 17:41:57 EDT
From: ***
Subject: No-Comp Rule Effect on NCAA

I agree with Ronald.  This could improve gymnastics as whole in the US.  Now
gymnasts in the collegiate programs can continue w/ their national
compeititions as the men do.  Although, like Ron said, they may not win AA's
or any major titles but, just keeping them there, instead of them
dissapearing after them only being on the national team for 2-3 years could
keep the "lifetime" of a female gymnast longer than just a couple of years.
 This and the new age limit after 1996 should extend female gymnasts career's
for many more years.---Brian


Date: Wed, 06 Jul 94 19:30:41 EDT
From: ***
Subject: No-Comp Rule Effect on NCAA

>    Four years ago, there was a gymnast at UF named Pam "Air" Titus. When
did her layout-pikes, her *HIPS* were 8 feet in the air or higher. No
exageration. Crowds would gasp in awe. In warm-ups, it was hilarious because
the coach could not spot her until she came down.
   Incredible. Imagine the excitement that would be brought to the floor at a
>national competition?

I doubt Pam Titus would medal on floor nationally, as she had high tumbling
but virtually no dance.  With the way the Code is structured, she would have
a very low start value.  I'm wondering if this can be said of other



Date: Wed, 06 Jul 94 22:58:53 EDT
From: ***
Subject: No-Comp Rule Effect on NCAA

  In reference to Pam "Air" Titus, the high-tumbling gymnast from Florida, I,
too, don't think she ever would have medaled. You're right. She had no dance.
(But then again, when has *that* ever mattered in scoring?)
    I'm just saying that the unique style, power and charactertics these
gymnasts will bring to a national meet will be refreshing.
    How many people here saw Tammy Marshall of Massachusetts perform her
floor routine? It not only was dynamic but she kept a genuine, genuine Mary
Lou Retton smile throughout the entire routine. It was so refreshing. At the
World University Games, she took second on floor, if I remember correctly. It
must have been pleasant shock to those international judges to see this.
--- Ron


Date: Thu, 07 Jul 94 03:04:43 EDT
From: ***
Subject: No-Comp Rule Effect on NCAA

>It not only was dynamic but she kept a genuine, genuine Mary
Lou Retton smile throughout the entire routine. It was so refreshing.<

Sorry but huh? All the NCAA girls with their big hair and large fake smiles
(I've never seen anything that plastic except maybe Bert Reynold's hair) look
like bad stewerdess. You are more then free to like and admire anyone you
choose but c'mon happy does not equal talented.



Date: Wed, 06 Jul 94 22:59:06 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Rooms for NCAA

To All:
   If you're planning to go nationals next year at Georgia in Athens, you
already can forget getting a room in Athens. There is some other convention
going on, and all the rooms are booked.
    Florida fans already are booking hotels a half-hour away in other towns.
--- Ron


Date: Wed, 06 Jul 94 22:59:25 EDT
From: ***
Subject: Univ. of Minnesota

To All:
    Some had asked me about why I think Minnesota would be called surprising.

   Well, call it a gut feeling about the team doing better this year. The
Gophers lost their wife-and-husband coaching duo a few years ago over the
sex-tape scandal, and the team has been scraping the bottom of the barrel
since then.
    But the school hired the former assistant coach at Utah, Jim Stephenson.
I have a lot of respect for this guy. He learned under a master of the sport.
As with most new coaches, the first few years are spent learning the
recruiting game, which is 2/3rds of what makes a good team.
    His recruits this year are right around average, but it's far better than
the recruits the team has had for the past two years. These new recruits,
combined with the enthusiasm he has infused there and his own coaching
ability, should make for a Minnesota team that will be, well, pleasant to
    Given Minnesota's past perfmances, I think people will say, "Hey,
Minnesota is surprising a few folks this year."
   That's all. I'm not saying they'll do anything sensational. They'll just
be plumb better.
--- Ron


Date: Thu, 7 Jul 94 11:37:06 PDT
From: ***
Subject: Univ. of Minnesota

>     But the school hired the former assistant coach at Utah, Jim Stephenson.
> I have a lot of respect for this guy.

      As do I.  He was my coach in highschool (he coached men and women
then, but now focuses on coaching women).

      Dave Litwin :)


Date: Wed, 06 Jul 94 19:30:35 EDT
From: ***
Subject: USOF '94: Women's roster

Yes, this is a crazy prediction but, looking at the women's roster, I think
it will be the East, followed by the South.

I can't wait to see Amy Chow again!



Date: Tue, 05 Jul 94 00:36:04 EDT
From: ***
Subject: What's happening with.....?

Pardon me, I'm new here so if this news has already been told, please excuse
me.  What's happening w/ Tatiana Lyssenko?  Has she retired?  How about Kerri
Strug?  Will she compete at Nationals this year?  How's Kim's knee?  How much
more time will she need out?  Has she rethought her comeback?  How's Silvia
Mitova doing?  Any updates?  Thanks to everyone who can answer.=)---Marcus


Date: Thu, 7 Jul 94 10:53:30 BST
From: ***
Subject: What's happening with.....?

> What's happening w/ Tatiana Lyssenko?  Has she retired?

I am 'assuming' that she has retired due to the fact that she
didn't compete in the Europeans'94 (Podkopayeva and Kalinina
competed for the Ukraine), but this is my thoughts, so it's
as unofficial as you can get!



End of gymn Digest