Into Orbit

Leninsk-Kuznetsk, September 23, 1976. The Siberian Cup championships in the individual events has ended. The team competition was won by the confident gymnasts from Kemerovo oblast (1334.97) In second place was Novosibirsk (1073.69), followed by the gymnasts from the Krasnoyarsk region (849.45).

This event was added to the Russian sports calendar last year. Its task is to launch gymnastics into orbit. Unfortunately, not everyone took advantage of this opportunity. Thus, In Leninsk-Kuznetsk (a well-known training center of gymnastics), athletes from Amur, Kamchatka, Omsk, Sakhalin, Tomsk, Chita, Buryat ASSR and Yakut ASSR did not attend.

N. Tereschenko (Magadan oblast), a member of the national team, competed in the women's competition. Her optional program contains very complicated modern elements. Having won the overall title (74.6), she maintained her superiority in the individual event finals. In second place overall was E. Botkina (Kemerovo oblast) - 72.35, and third was E. Kazakova (Khabarovsk region) - 71.8.

In the candidate for master of sport category, K. Smirnova (Kemerovo oblast) was the winner with 72.65.

The men didn't have strong results in the all-around, as they have not properly mastered their optional programs. The best result came from V. Kindeev (Kemerovo oblast) - 103.9. In second was his teammate G. Kharitonov (102.9) and in third Yu. Murodimov (Novosibirsk) 102.5. S. Shentsov (Krasnoyarsk region) won floor; Kharitonov won pommel horse and rings; Kharitonov won vault; Kindeev won parallel bars; and L. Podchezertsev (Novosibirsk region) won high bar.

The young male gymnasts in the candidate for master category showed more interesting routines than their elders. And mastery of them, too. S. KIselev (Kemerovo oblast) had the best score (106.7) and was also victorious on floor, rings, vault and bars. His teammate M. Chetvernikov was first on pommels and high bar, and second in the all-around (104.7).