There is Talent

Kirovgrad, September 24, 1976. The Jr. USSR Cup is being held for the first time. Among the boy gymnasts in the master of sport category, the leader was S. Khizhnyakov from Roston-on-Don (coach S. Pechenzhiev) - 110.35 points. Second place went to the muscovite A. Agafonov - 106.85. Third, A. Saifulin of Lvov - 106.7. For the girls, S. Zakharova of Kishinev (coach V. Kuksa) won with 76.7 points. She beat N. Tereschenko of Madagan - 74.25, and muscovite E. Aleksyutina - 74.1.

The skills of the young gymnasts have risen significantly, and in the candidate for master of sport category we saw authentic talent. Fifteen-year-old A. Akopyan from Yerevan, T. Gumerov from Ishevsk and A. Saifulin from Novosibirsk impressed even the experts with modern combinations.

E. Naimushina from Krasnoyarsk (72.95), N. Mitrofanova from Gomel (72.85) and G. Ionas from Tallin (71.75) were the winners in the candidate for master of sport category.