The Problem: Virtuosity

Taganrog, 16 November 1979. The USSR Youth Championships in gymnastics continues In the Palace of Sports of the "Red Boilermaker" factory.

According to the regulations, twenty-four girls aged 13 and 14 took part in the Master of Sport category. They began with the compulsory exercises. There were more than 90 girls (ages 8-12) competing in the lower category. They showed their optional program. And many of these girls' arbitrary exercises were far more interesting than those of senior gymnasts at major tournaments. But this is understandable. Now the coaches are thinking about the 1984 Olympics.

In Taganrog, the master of sports competitors were not very good in the compulsory exercises - not enough girls showed virtuosity and completeness of movement. Therefore, the scores were low. Only the talented N. Karamushka (Kharkov) worked easily.

Candidates for master of sport showed the same amazing complexity in their exercises. Of course, their artistry still requires some work, but there are already a large group of young gymnasts who will soon be capable of fighting for a spot on the national team.

Tenth Youth Championships in gymnastics, Lenin Komsomol, girls, team competition.
1. Spartak - 152.16
2. Dinamo - 148.90
3. Trud - 148.43

Master of Sport, compulsory program.
1. N. Karamushka (Labor Reserves) - 36.65
2. V. Selezneva (Dinamo) - 35.95
3. O. Korepanova (Zenit) - 35.90
3. T. Skutina (Army) - 35.90

Candidate for Master, optional program.
1. I. Baraksanova (Trud) - 38.50
1. O. Bicherova (Spartak) - 38.50
3. E. Vazhenova (Spartak) 38.00